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In today’s information and technology driven world, it is more important than ever for small to medium-sized organizations to leverage available technologies. We make it possible, by offering affordable solutions(custom or SAAS) for all different sized organizations. Whether you need one of our existing prepackaged applications, or any size fully custom developed solution, we can help. We have years of experience, developing enterprise level applications of all types, including: Point of Sale(POS), Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), and Decision Support Systems (DSS) . It doesn't matter if your organization has two or thousands of employees, customers, or users, we can determine and provide the best IT solution to solve your business challenges. You are our most important customer! We look forward to helping you reach your organizational goals. Contact us at info@villesoft.com or 1-855-429-2532.

Currently Available!

Search and find a salon/spa/barbershop near you. Salon and Spa directory

Discoveryoursalon.com and Discoveryourspa.com will be the premier salon/spa portal available on the web. The portal will connect potential customers to various shops in the customer's immediate area. Give your potential customers a way to quickly find, search, and compare salon/spas/barbershop. The portal will also integrate with a salon/spa's 3rd party online booking engine or with OASIS, to allow immediate online bookings right from the listing. Additionally, we make this service affordable for salon/spa owners, and pride ourselves on individual customer support. If you are interested, contact us at info@villesoft.com

EZ-Chow: Full POS Integrated Online Ordering Application

EZ-Chow - Online Ordering Application

EZ-Chow is a fully functional Point-of-Sale integrated online ordering application that will allow any sized food service establishment to offer their customers the ability to order from their menu on their respective customers web-enabled device. EZ-Chow gives food service establishments the ability integrate directly with their respective POS hardware, including Micros and Aloha. By having direct integration, no need will exist for additional hardware, software, or employee training. Orders will be presented to employees, as if the order originated from the restaurant. Establishments which use EZ-Chow will have access to a plethora of customer information, which will allow more effective marketing campaigns, and to better understand the restaurants individual consumers. Most importantly, we make EZ-Chow an affordable online ordering application, for a single restaurant, franchise, or chain. If you are a restaurant owner and interested in EZ-Chow, visit http://ez-chow.com

Coming Soon!

OASIS Application

Online Appoinment Scheduling Information System

Some Features

Allow your customers to make a confirmed appointment with your spa/salon in less than 3 minutes, directly from your website. Provide email, sms(text) confirmations and appointment reminders to reduce no-show appointments. Give your customers the ability to save confirmed appointments to their respective calendar program(Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, etc). Allow your customers to provide reviews on services.

If you have one (1) stylist/therapist or fifty (50) stylist/therapist, OASIS, can accommodate your organization's specific requirements and needs. Our application is written using modern technology, which allows us to respond efficiently to your customers request.

We offer personalized service, no matter how large or small your organization. You will be involved directly with individuals responsible and intimately familiar with the functionality and specifications of the application. Do you only want certain features? From allowing guest accounts to accepting credit card deposits to confirm appointments, OASIS can be customized to suit your needs.

Similar to the greek philiosphy, know your customer, by knowing your customer's habits, information, etc, it will allow you or your organization to increase sales and profitability, develop more effective and efficient marketing campaigns, improve Internet coupon experiences(Groupon, Living Social, etc), and countless other benefits. The OASIS Portal feature, will present your spa/salon, front and center to potential customers. The OASIS administrative functionality, will allow you to manage the office; away from the office. The OASIS Administrative functionality will also allow your personnel to know exactly how many appointments each respective person has, what times, etc. for any given date, 24x7. In addition, the optional OASIS Marketing component, allows you to datamine your customer base, looking for and identifying trends, regarding your services, appointment dates, consultant availability, and other critical information.

We understand the limited resources of small to medium sized businesses. The best solution/software in the world is irrelevant, if it doesn't fit the organization's budget. That is why, our application is unique. We can provide an advance solution, without back-breaking cost. With a low startup cost, and a business model, which minimizes your expenses, we can help your organization. You only pay for the part of the application you use. In addition, we can have your website enabled to accept online bookings, normally within 1-2 business days.


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